When To Take Your Child to a Summerville SC Pediatrician for Strep Throat

As a parent, you will need to know the difference between a case of a sore throat and viral infections or strep throat. While almost anyone can come down with strep throat, this condition is most common in kids and teenagers. If you notice some of the following symptoms in your child, immediately take them to the pediatric clinic in Summerville, SC.

Pain in the Throat

Strep throat operates as a bacterial infection that causes both inflammation and throat pain. Your child might have strep throat if they complain of severe pain in that area. You might observe that your child’s throat pain isn’t going away quickly as the two of you would like. In this case, a visit to the pediatric clinic in Summerville, SC, is needed as this condition is hard to treat without medication.

Swallowing Issues

If your child has difficulty with swallowing, this could also be a sign of strep throat. Take them to the pediatrician if your child complains of this symptom.

White Patches in the Throat

Take your child to a pediatric clinic if you see white or yellow patches in your child’s tonsil area. You might also see pus in the tonsil area. This is one of the most common symptoms of strep throat.

Swollen Glands

Touch your child’s neck to see if they have swollen glands. If your child has strep throat, their lymph nodes will be swollen.

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