Plastic Surgery for a Broad Range of Issues That Decrease Self-Confidence

People often think of plastic surgery in Chicago as meant mainly for men and women trying to look younger through facelifts. However, many individuals want a change in appearance that they consider more normal than how they look now. They are likely to be more physically attractive as a result, but they mainly want a change that helps them fit in better with others of their age and gender.

Both men and women may feel distressed about a nose that’s too big or oddly shaped. Some have drooping eyelids that make them look perpetually tired and fatigued.

With aging and a large amount of weight loss sometimes come effects that detract from self-confidence. Older individuals may develop marionette lines around the mouth, for example. A person who has lost a great deal of weight may be left with excess skin around the abdomen that didn’t disappear with the fat. All these issues can be improved with plastic surgery in Chicago.

Some patients want to resolve the effects of an accident, a skin disease or an illness. They hope to have their appearance restored to what it used to be until this negative incident occurred. Plastic surgeons help patients minimize or eliminate scarring

from serious acne or from third-degree burns, for example. Severe skin scarring on the legs or arms can be caused because of a motorcycle accident, even when the person was dressed properly. Plastic surgeons help patients resolve these issues at the Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

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