Do You Have Back Pain?

In the past people with a herniated disc in Jacksonville had to have their pain treated with prescription medications, spinal injections, physical therapy and even had to go through invasive surgical interventions. There is another option rather than dealing with the pain. Spinal decompression, while not right for everyone, can be one of the best treatments available. While forms of traction have been in use for many years it can cause your muscles to spasm, making your pain worse. Spinal decompression is a new and improved form of traction for herniated discs.

How it Works

Since spinal decompression systems operate by very gradually and slowly pulling, here is far less chance of your muscles spasming. Your muscles remain relaxed and the decompression system is better able to operate. If your muscles start to tighten up indicating an oncoming spasm, the system’s computer senses that and immediately decreases its pull. In this way the pressure on the disc is dramatically decreased allowing your own body’s healing properties to pull fluid and other necessary nutrients to reenter the affected disc. How often and long the treatments will be required depends on the severity of the damage to the disc, if one or more discs are involved, as well as your all-over physical condition.

What You Should Know

This type of treatment as shown to be effective more then 70% percent of the time. Most people can return to a normal activity level, some returning to golf and tennis, but you need to remember that there is no 100% cure for herniated discs. It can still be the best treatment though, and if you have a herniated disc or more causing you pain, particularly if it is affecting your quality of life, schedule an appointment at Riverside Pain Physicians. They provide a full comprehensive array of options for treating herniated discs.

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