Medical Abstracting

Medical abstraction services are key to ensuring that a patients medical charts are accurate, precise and easy for physicians and billing specialists to access when needed. We offer abstraction and data mining for any type or size of medical practice. Our associates work with solo practices, clinics, physician groups and hospitals in order to provide you with modernization of your patient charts. Our thorough medical chart abstraction service aims to please, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Our medical chart abstractions provide you with migration of health records. Our electronic health record system allows us to abstract the data accurately so that you can access patient records electronically. The benefit of this is that physicians can access the record without having to hold a physical copy of it. If you have billing or benefits people who work from home, they can log into the electronic health record system and see the abstracted data at any time.

We can do data abstractions from any legacy source. If you have an old electronic file system, we can get the data out of it and put it into a new system. Perhaps your practice is joining a larger network, and all of your data has to be added to their records. By doing this for you, we can keep you in compliance. We handle all information with confidentiality and use security measures to ensure that there is no accidental loss or release of personally identifiable information. Our associates maintain HIPAA compliance in all abstraction services.

When you are in need of a medical chart abstraction service, contact us at MD Abstract. We offer a wide range of services for electronic, digital and audio abstractions. Give us a call today, or visit us online at for more information about us and our services.

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