Top Things Your Vet in Chicago Wishes You Knew

It’s a pretty common occurrence when a pet has a minor freak out during their annual checkup with the vet in Chicago. It is also pretty common for the pet owner to be more concerned about calming down their pet than they are with having a heart to heart with their vet. Since your vet is used to these things, there are a few things that he wishes you knew. If you are interested in learning what your vet wants you to know, read on below.

Annual Checkups Are a Must

Taking your pet in for his annual checkup is a great way to ensure that he is healthy and going to be around to be your companion for many years to come. Annual checkups shouldn’t be something that can be done or not done. Instead, they should be scheduled on your calendar as something you have to do to keep your pet healthy.

Microchip Your Pet

Many pet owners feel that having a microchip placed in their pet is not only too expensive but cruel as well. However, if you think of the consequences of not microchipping your pet, you may change your mind. For example, what if your pet escapes the fence in your backyard? They could easily end up in a shelter, where they will be put to sleep if they are not adopted. On top of that, microchips can often be found for $50 or less. Talk to your vet and see what your options are.

Be Smart About What You Feed Your Pet

While it may be tempting to feed your pet the same food that you eat, you need to know that it just isn’t good for them. They need certain nutrition that doesn’t come in the food you eat yourself. Refrain from feeding your pet human food to keep them fit and trim for many years to come. For more details contact Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic or visit

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