A Pet Resort is Just What the Pet Doctor Ordered

Your pet is dependent on your care, which is why a pet doctor will tell you that a pet kennel, such as the Animal Ark Pet Resort, is a good choice for watching your pet while you are away on vacation or business. A facility that specializes in pet care and overnight boarding permits your pet to avoid the stress of a long car ride or airplane trip and stay in one location. The pet also receives more supervision and attention under the care of a pet sitter, which is a much better alternative to staying home alone.

A Safe and Secure Venue

A pet doctor and the staff at the resort can also monitor your pet’s health, so any health problems can be immediately treated. Needless to say, such a facility is a safe and secure accommodation for your dog or cat while you are traveling.

Pet Resort Amenities

When seeking a kennel or pet boarding facility, you need to seek the following amenities:

  • The facility should smell and look clean.
  • There should be adequate ventilation and lighting.
  • A comfortable temperature should be maintained.
  • The staff should be knowledgeable and caring.
  • Pets should all be current on their vaccinations.
  • The cats should be housed separately from the dogs.
  • There should be adequate space between the food bowls and litter boxes.
  • You should be able to bring your pet’s special food.
  • Veterinarian services should be available.

Specialized services, such as grooming or bathing, should be included in the pet’s care plan.

Preparing Your Pet for Boarding

It is important that your pet knows basic commands and is adequately socialized before he/she enters a boarding facility. He/she should not exhibit any aggressive behavior; otherwise your pet probably is not a good candidate for a kennel stay. If you want to acclimate your pet to a longer stay, you may first want to board your dog or cat for a single weekend. That way, you can work through any issues before you book your pet for a longer stay. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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