3 Signs Your Dog Requires Emergency Medical Attention

As a dog owner, you probably know that it is difficult to diagnose your dog. Since they do not speak, they cannot tell you when they are experiencing discomfort or pain. This is why it is important that you become familiar with your dog’s mannerisms. If you believe your dog is experiencing a medical emergency, Chicago Mobile Vet services are at your disposal.

Here are three signs your dog probably requires emergency medical attention.

Loss of Appetite

A dog should never refuse food. You should not allow your dog to overeat at any point of the day, but once he begins to refuse food at scheduled meal times, it is up to you to figure out why. A loss of appetite is often a sign of an upset stomach, or something worse. You should know your dog well enough to determine if his loss of appetite is an outlier or if it a sign of something more serious. If the loss of appetite continues, it is time to seek medical attention for him.


Vomiting is a symptom of many possibilities. Maybe your dog got too rough with his fluffy toy and swallowed a piece of material. It could be going down his intestines and causing a reaction until it passes, or it could be something worse. If the vomiting continues, seek medical attention for your dog.

Allergic Reaction

Since dogs spend their time sniffing around, they put themselves in a position to get themselves into trouble. During the months when the bees and wasps are hanging around flowers, they can get stung, accidentally. As soon as you notice your dog is having an allergic reaction, seek medical attention for him.

Being a pet owner comes with heavy responsibilities. For medical attention, contact Chicago Mobile Vet Village West Veterinary, today.

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