Convincing Reasons to Have Your Pet’s Teeth Professionally Cleaned

Your pet relies on you to take the best care of it. You take the greatest of care to feed it the best food and make sure it gets plenty of exercise. You want your pet to live for as long as possible.

However, when it suffers from tooth decay or other dental problems, your pet’s health could take a drastic turn for the worse. These reasons can compel you to take your cat, dog, or other companion in for regular animal teeth cleaning in Norridge.

Spreading Infections

When your animal friend suffers from oral health problems like abscesses, they can spread to other parts of the animal’s body. An abscess, for example, can travel to the pet’s heart, lungs, and brain. The infection can quickly take root in other parts of the animal’s body and cause more serious problems like heart disease and high fevers.

By taking your pet in for animal teeth cleaning in Norridge, you can help it avoid such serious dental problems. The cleaning removes bacteria and viruses that linger deep beneath the tissue and enamel. Your pet can enjoy a longer and happier life with clean teeth.

Better Bite

Your cat, dog, or other animal friend relies on its teeth to bite and eat food daily. It needs strong teeth to tear apart food with and chew its kibble. Tooth decay, however, can significantly weaken its teeth and even cause them to break and fall out, which can not only be painful but make it harder for an animal to eat and get the nutrition they need.

Teeth cleaning keeps the teeth healthy and strong. The vet uses a cleaning agent especially for animals that is fortified with minerals and vitamins needed for durable and tough teeth.

You can take your pet in for teeth cleaning at least once a year. You can find out more about this service online. Contact Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic today.

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