Parenting – How to Form a Team That Understands ADHD in Charleston, SC

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is inherited through genes passed from the parents. Early intervention can have a positive outcome for your child. You must address your child’s problems early on and get ADHD testing in Charleston, SC. With early intervention, your child is more likely to succeed socially and in the classroom. Parents must create an environment that improves their child’s chances of success.

Get A Pediatrician Familiar with ADHD

You want to form a team of professionals that are familiar with ADHD. Your first professional should be a pediatrician because he will make your child’s diagnosis. It will help if your pediatrician is familiar with treating children with ADHD. The ADHD testing in Charleston, SC, diagnostic process consists of a comprehensive medical assessment. Your pediatrician also may recommend a treatment plan that includes medication.


When your child comes of age, he or she will have to attend school. In this environment, your team will play an important role. Your child will need support with doing classroom work and making friends. It helps to meet before school starts to make the principal aware of your child’s condition. Your child would benefit from being in the class with a teacher who is familiar with ADHD.


Children with ADHD must also go through a psychological assessment to rule out any other conditions. The psychologist can provide your child with counseling. They will evaluate your child at home and school to see how ADHD affects his ability to live a regular life.

You must meet with this group of professionals on a regular basis to keep track of your child’s progress. Contact Neighbors Pediatrics at for an appointment today.

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