How A Scrub Tech Play A Role in Patient Safety in Hayward, CA

Patient safety is the priority in an operating room for a surgery team. A surgical technician or scrub tech plays a role in cleaning the room and supporting the surgeon. Some hospitals use a combination of team training and checklists to maximize scrub tech safety.

Preparation Before Surgery

Surgeons receive the credit for performing a successful surgery on a patient. However, they require help from a team. Scrub techs must carry out a lot of responsibilities in an operating room. They must prepare all tools and equipment before the procedure. Part of scrub tech safety is to make sure all of the equipment is sterile.

Assist the Surgeon

A surgical technician acts as the right-hand man to the surgeon. He hands supplies and instruments to the surgeon during the procedure. This role is vital because you must have the proper tools within reach to prevent from losing a life. Surgical technicians also must anticipate that the surgeon will need a specific instrument even if he does not use it.

Scrub Down the Team

The surgical technician also has the job of making sure the surgical team scrubs down before the procedure. The surgeon and the surgery team must scrub before entering the disinfected room. The purpose is to keep down the infection.

Working in a hospital is not an ordinary job. You are working with human life and must complete safety precautions. Surgical techs must make sure all equipment is clean to prevent harm to the patient. Contact for a consultation today!

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