Healthy Dogs: Annual Vaccinations

As responsible dog owners, every year we trot our dog off to the vet for their annual checkup and vaccinations. Typically, we get the shots, pay the bill, and walk out the door. What is the one thing the vast majority of us never do? We don’t give a second thought to what those shots do for our dog. Let’s get a look at what they are and how they protect your pet.

The Distemper Combination

One of the things that you have probably seen on the bill you’ve gotten regarding pet vaccinations in Chicago has probably looked like DHPP, DHLPPC, or DA2PPV, which simply refers to the distemper combination. That is a five in one combination that includes:

* The distemper vaccine which protects your animal from a very serious disease which attacks the brain, nervous system, digestive, and respiratory system,
* It also includes hepatitis because that is potentially fatal for dogs and attacks the liver and the respiratory system. This vaccination provides protection against both hepatitis-1 and hepatitis-2,
* Protection against parvo virus which has a mortality rate of 90% and is highly contagious. This attacks both the digestive and immune systems, and
* Protection against parainfluenza, or the flu, which is nowhere near the severity of any of the others, but does protect your dog from a number of flu viruses.

There are two additional vaccinations that may or may not be given along with this combination. They are:

* The coronavirus which attacks the digestive tract causing diarrhea and vomiting. This is typically given to puppies and younger dogs.
* Leptospirosis is another vaccine which is given to protect against a bacterial disease which it is known to attack both the liver and kidneys and which can be transmitted to humans.

Your dog should also be vaccinated for rabies, Lyme disease, and kennel cough. The Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic not only has a wonderful vaccine program but also has puppy and kitten wellness programs.

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