Why You Need to See an Electrophysiologist to Check for Arrhythmia

What is an electrophysiologist?

This is a type of cardiologist who typically specializes in treating irregular heart rhythms, also known as arrhythmias. A heart arrhythmia means your heart either beats much faster (a condition known as tachycardia) or much slower (known as bradycardia) than normal. See an electrophysiologist in Florida to know more about the condition and treatments.

What causes arrhythmia?

This heart disorder is often the result of smoking, excessive amounts of caffeine, high fevers, thyroid disease, alcohol use or abuse and too much stress.

Is arrhythmia serious?

A lot of arrhythmias are minor with a few irregular heartbeats, so treatment is not needed. But, if left untreated arrhythmias could lead to life-threatening conditions. From blood clots to strokes, this condition could have devastating effects on your health.

What are the symptoms?

Some of the symptoms you should look out for include shortness of breath and fatigue. Additional symptoms include: heart palpitations, frequent lightheadedness and constant chest pain. If you have fainted once or more, recently, then that could also be a sign of an underlying condition. Make sure you see an electrophysiologist in Florida.

What if I don’t have any symptoms?

Even if you aren’t experiencing any arrhythmia symptoms, keep in mind you may still have an underlying heart condition. About 20 percent of people who suffer from some form of arrhythmia disorder experience no symptoms. The best thing to do is to always consult your doctor. You never know what conditions you have until you get yourself thoroughly checked out, Heart Rhythm suggests.

Stay fit and healthy. Know that a huge part of that is making sure you schedule regular visits to your family doctor as well as a heart specialist. This way, you can easily monitor your health and seek out the proper treatment early on in case of a possible heart problem or condition.

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