Where To Get Medical Marijuana In Lake County

Those who care for a loved one with a chronic health condition have an exceptionally hard job. It is difficult to watch someone you care about suffer, and when it comes to many chronic health conditions, it can be hard to know what to do to help. If your loved one has been prescribed medical marijuana by his or her health care professional, one easy thing you can do to assist them with their health care obstacles is to help facilitate treatment. In many cases, this can mean physically obtaining the prescription for your loved one and delivering it to him or her. Finding a reputable dispensary can be difficult for patients, let alone for caregivers. To help make this process easier, here is a brief guide to where to get medical marijuana in Lake County for caregivers.

Be Sure Your Paperwork Is Completed

In the State of Illinois, you will need to submit your own paperwork, in order to be legally allowed to assist with this treatment. The form is called a Caregiver Application Form, and it is available at the Department of Public Health and online. Dispensaries will not allow you to come into contact with their product without this form having been approved by the state. You will need to submit the application along with a fee, proof of residency and age, and photo identification.

Ask The Department Of Public Health For A List

Once your paperwork has been approved, you can ask the Department of Public Health for a list of registered dispensaries in your area. Your patient may also have obtained a list from his or her doctor. Compare both lists, and obtain more information about the dispensaries in your area. Speak with the patient before you choose a dispensary, in order to ensure that the one you choose will have the treatment available in the patient’s preferred method.

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