Binge Eating Disorder, Trying to Fit In, and How to Solve the Problem

The three most common eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. If you suffer from one of these disorders, then you’re going through a lot right now. To you, it feels like you will never find a solution. You can’t possibly see how these urges will go away. The good news is that you can find eating disorder treatment in Laguna Hills. The counselors who work here understand what you’re going through. Vicious Cycle Does the following sound familiar? You have a fixation with your weight.

Everything you do relates to the number that you will find on that scale. You dread stepping on that scale and seeing that number, but you know you need to do it to see if you made any progress. Most of the time, the number on that scale hasn’t moved. Even worse, sometimes the number has moved higher. This leads to you feeling depressed, and when you feel depressed, you get the urge to eat more. This is a vicious cycle, and the only way this cycle can be broken is to find eating disorder treatment in Laguna Hills.

Fitting In If you live in the area, it’s imperative that you find help. We all know this is a part of the country where beauty seems to be everything, but you’re putting too much pressure on yourself. Once you shed that unnecessary pressure, your stress level will decline and you won’t be as tempted to binge. At the current time, you’re hypercritical of all your imperfections. This in itself isn’t healthy, and it’s not realistic. Remember this: When someone truly loves you, they love your imperfections. Nobody wants a Barbie Doll or a Ken. If they do, that’s not the person you want to be with anyway because they’re incredibly shallow.

Conclusion If you eat too much (or not enough) and you live in the area, look into eating disorder treatment in Laguna Hills. Help is available. Once you receive that help, you should be on your way to recovery and happiness.

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