Trauma-Informed Care: What it is and What it Does

Everyone has experienced some type of trauma in their lives. Experiencing trauma can have detrimental effects on several aspects in life, including healthcare. To build a trauma-informed care plan in Minneapolis, we strive to understand, recognize, and respond to patients who have experienced trauma. This enables us to create the best plan of treatment based on individual people, not a generalized plan for everyone.

While there are many forms of what a trauma-informed Minneapolis could look like, it is founded on these basic principles:

  • Safety
  • Choice
  • Collaboration
  • Trust
  • Empowerment


Safety means that both your emotional and physical safety are well-protected. Regardless of color, creed, or religion, this basic principle means you are accepted and welcomed into a facility. This also means that there are spaces reserved for your privacy and information exchanges with the staff.


We all have a choice. One of the most important principles in creating a trauma-informed Minneapolis is having choice and control in a facility. You will be provided with clear and direct statements. Understanding trauma means that all given instructions will be explained.


Collaborating with your health team is a vital principle. You will be able to make informed decisions with your team. It will be an informed choice between you and your team for any services and treatments.


Trust is a must in any health facility. Instructions are straight forward, clear, and your boundaries are respected. You are treated with kindness in all interactions and will feel safe and secure.


You will build skills that empower you as a person with trauma informed care. You are a person with dignity and validity. Trauma informed care strives to unlock the gate to regaining and maintaining your confidence and taking control of your situation.

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