When to See a Professional for Your Spine Pain

Back pain, in one form or another, is something shared by nearly the entire human race at some point. It really shouldn’t surprise us; nearly every other mammal walks on all four legs, and that’s what mammalian skeletal structure evolved to support. Walking upright is relatively new for mammals, and doing so puts a lot of weight on a part of your body that wasn’t necessarily designed to support it. In many cases, back pain is something that will just wax and wane on its own. However, there are some instances where you should absolutely seek medical care for your spine pain.

If You Have a Fever
This is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. Since bone aches are a symptom of many flus and colds, having a sickness that causes both a fever and back pain isn’t very suspect. However, if you aren’t sick and you have back pain that predates a fever, it is possible that the issue in your back is an infection, and the fever is from your body trying to fight off that infection. In that instance, you should see a professional.

If there is Trauma Associated with the Pain
Sometimes you know what has caused your back pain, sometimes you don’t. Usually, if the reason is extremely obvious, then you can gauge based on that incident whether you need to seek medical help or not. In other words, if you were recently in a car accident or fell off a roof, you need to set up an appointment, but if you’ve been shoveling snow all day, you probably just need some rest.

If You Feel Numbness or Tingling
Pain itself is, of course, unpleasant to experience. But even worse for your body can be an absence of pain where it was. If your spine problem starts to manifest numbness or tingling, whether in the affected area or in your extremities, then it is likely that your spine issue is causing more extensive nerve damage. Nerves provide connection throughout your entire body and are extremely difficult to heal once they have been damaged, so if you’re feeling that numbness or tingling, call your doctor.

Finally, you should see a professional if you feel like you need to. Even if none of the symptoms are present, if the pain in your spine has simply become too much or too persistent, then don’t second-guess yourself. If you have spine pain in the Jacksonville area, the Coastal Spine and Pain Center exists for the sole purpose of dealing with such problems and giving patients their quality-of-life back.

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