Schedule a Wellness Exam with Your Pet’s Vet

As you would for yourself, a pet should be taken in for wellness exams every year to ensure that he or she is healthy. If you wait until your dog or cat is sick to see a veterinarian, it could be too late to save him or her. Here is what to expect when taking your pet in for a wellness exam.

Check Their Vitals

Before the wellness exam starts, you will fill out paperwork and answer questions about your pet’s medical history. Then a vet will take his or her vitals, which includes

  • Listening to his or her heart
  • Weighing him or her
  • Measuring his or her respirations
  • Examining his or her eyes
  • Examining his or her teeth
  • Checking his or her fur for fleas and ticks

By doing this, the veterinarian can get a good idea about his or her overall health.

Get Samples for Testing

The vet will also do a blood draw and take a urine and stool sample to be tested by the animal clinic or a lab. The tests they order can help detect diseases in their early stages so that they can be successfully treated. The tests will look for parasites and diseases such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, or anemia.

Manual Exam

The veterinarian will also manually examine your pet by running his or her hands along the animal’s body to check for suspicious lumps or tumors. The veterinarian may also lift the pet’s legs to check the range of motion in his or her joints, especially if you have an older pet. This exam may help reveal conditions such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other problems that may be causing your pet discomfort.

If your pet hasn’t been to a vet for a while, contact Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital at 480-860-1433 to schedule an appointment. You can also go to their website at to learn more about the services that they can offer your pet. A wellness exam will check your dog or cat from nose to tail to make sure that he or she is healthy. You can connect with them on Facebook for more information!

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