Reasons to Consider New York Porcelain Veneers

Have you ever felt self-conscious on a date, in a photo, or on a job interview? Most people try to look their best at all times because they never know when something could pop up. However, stained or damaged teeth can cause you to hide your smile or not smile at all, which can lead to you feeling a little self-conscious. It may even stop you from partaking in social activities. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider ways to fix your smile. If you don’t want full restorative measures taken, New York porcelain veneers are the perfect solution because they aren’t as invasive as other procedures and look natural.

Natural Looking

New York porcelain veneers look just like your natural teeth. The dentist takes an impression of the teeth so that the contour and color of the shell mimic the natural tooth style. They also feel as natural as traditional tooth enamel, which means you can run your tongue over them and still get that smooth feeling. Plus, the cover hides and stains, cracks, and more, all while providing a more protective shell over the tooth.

Once the veneer arrives from the laboratory, the dentist makes slight adjustments where necessary and then puts them on your teeth.

Fix Aesthetic Issues

New York porcelain veneers aren’t just for hiding stains. While tooth whitening is the first step for most cosmetic dentists, some stains won’t come off no matter what they do. In these cases, a veneer can hide that stain and make it look like you have perfectly white teeth. They can also be used to hide gaps between the teeth, hide misshapen or chipped teeth, and remove the sight of cracks. However, the dentist is likely to check your teeth before adding a veneer to ensure that it is still strong enough to work correctly.

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