Are You Suffering from Whiplash in Ferguson?

If you have been rear-ended in a car crash, the impact can affect your spinal column and neck. When this occurs, patients often seek help at a chiropractic clinic. During the exam, the doctor examines the spine and neck and identifies sites where the joint movement is limited. He or she also identifies injuries to the intervertebral discs or ligaments.

Making a Diagnosis

To make a diagnosis for whiplash, a chiropractor at a nearby facility, such as the Back & Neck Care Center, checks for tightness or tenderness and considers the flexibility of the joints. He or she evaluates how a patient walks and reviews the patient’s spinal alignment and posture. By making this assessment, a chiropractic professional can better understand a person’s body mechanics. An MRI or X-ray may also be ordered to note any degenerative changes that may have taken place before the accident.

After a whiplash in Ferguson occurs, the doctor treats the neck pain and swelling using a variety of therapeutic modalities, including electrical stimulation. He or she may also employ gentle manual therapy methods. Normally, it is a good idea to place an ice pack on the neck or to use a lightweight neck support for a short period of time.

An Individualized Approach

As the neck gradually becomes more comfortable, the chiropractic doctor will use spinal manipulation or other techniques to restore normal movement to the neck and spinal joints. Whether the treatment covers low back pain or whiplash, the goal of chiropractic care is to tailor an auto accident injuries treatment to the therapeutic needs of the individual.

For example, when addressing whiplash, a chiropractic clinic may use one of three common methods of spinal manipulation. The methods include a flexion-distraction technique, an instrument-based manipulation technique, or a spinal manipulation technique that stretches the soft tissues and stimulates the nervous system to restore the health of the spine.

Whatever your reason for chiropractic care, you can find a facility close to you that will address both spinal and neck discomfort using spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, or massage.

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