The Advantages Of Visiting A Kids Dentist In Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square parents take control over their child’s oral care by visiting a dentist. Through pediatric dentistry, these professionals teach children how to brush and floss their teeth correctly. A kids dentist in Lincoln Square area, is the first line of defense against tooth loss and gum disease.

Preventative Dental Care for Children

Dentists offer a variety of preventative care for children. This begins with annual check-ups and x-rays. The dentist schedules semi-annual cleanings to help remove debris from the teeth and gums. This helps to remove accumulated plague and particles that could affect their oral health.

Fluoride rinses are used to strengthen the teeth of children. These treatments are performed during early childhood. The dentist may offer additional treatments for children who aren’t receiving enough of this mineral.

Restorative Dental Care for Kids

Fillings and crowns are used most often to restore teeth. These opportunities reduce pain and discomfort after tooth damage occurs. The dentist drills away decay and plaque from the affected tooth and injects a filling in most cases. However, if they cannot restore the tooth with the composite resin, they grind the tooth down and install a crown. This protects the baby tooth until it loosens.

Monitoring the Development of Adult Teeth

X-rays and evaluation are methods used to monitor the growth of adult teeth. The kids dentist evaluates the teeth to ensure that there aren’t any adverse conditions. Patients with over or under bites may need orthodontic care.

The Value of Orthodontic Care

Braces are the most viable opportunity for correcting over or under bites. These devices are installed permanently onto the teeth. They force the jaw back into its correct position.

Patients with crooked teeth could also benefit from braces. Dentists offer four different types of braces to correct the alignment. Traditional metal braces are the most common option for severe alignment issues. However, some patients may qualify for Invisalign.

Kids dentist in Lincoln Square provides invaluable services to protect children’s teeth and gums. They monitor adult teeth as they develop to prevent future problems. They also install braces to correct conditions that could affect how the child speaks or eats. To learn more about these services, contact a Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square now.

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