Questions to Ask Before a Deep Tissue Massage

Working around the clock is one way to knock down those deadlines. But are you getting enough rest, though? If you’ve been spending too many hours hunched over your desk, your muscles must be all knotted and sore. Try deep tissue massage therapy. Learning about the many benefits you’ll get should be enough to get you to book a session.

What is it?

It’s a type of massage therapy that includes the basic idea of a Swedish massage. Meaning, it uses deeper strokes or harder pressure to bring relaxation and muscle pain relief. This type of therapy is ideal for breaking up scar tissue. It can also unknot muscle tension, which often refers to bands of rigid muscle tissue. The knots compromise blood circulation, leading to inflammation and pain.

What are the benefits?

When you book a deep tissue massage in Mt Prospect, IL, with a clinic that you trust, you can look forward to stress relief, reduced pain levels, greater comfort, and even a lower blood pressure and heart rate. A good massage session also helps restore mobility and reach to an injury. Light massage is crucial in stimulating the nerves.

Where do you get a massage?

Look for a spa with a good reputation. Check its background. How long has it been in the business? What kind of credentials does the facility have? Go over the complete list of its services. Also, what about the amenities? Does the clinic have good ones? Are they well-maintained?

How do you prepare?

Arrive early for an appointment. Book yours in advance, so you won’t have to wait or be turned away because there are no more slots. Ask about the process, so you can prepare mentally. Are there a lot of complaints about the spa’s services? Be sure to wear comfortable clothing or bring a change of clothes for when you go home.

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