An Agency That Offers Home Health Care Services Philadelphia PA

Numerous studies have shown that people recover much quicker when they are able to stay within the confines of their own home during the recovery period. Many people do not realize that this is possible, and they often accept the hospitals recommendation to be rehabilitated in a rehabilitation or nursing home. What they do not realize is that Ameribest Home Care
is able to provide the same level of care within their home.

There are two basic types of Home Health Care Services in Philadelphia PA are offered. These are skilled nursing services and non-skilled services. Skilled nursing services are administered by a licensed professional. These may include such things as PT or physical therapy, OT or Occupation therapy, speech therapy, IV therapy, and even home health aides. They will be able to come in and provide whatever services your physician has ordered. If you have been sick or hospitalized, your insurance company will often pay for these services at the same rate or better than they would if you were still in the hospital. The time that services will be allowed to be in place will be dictated by your individual treatment plan which will be administered by your primary care physician.

Non-skilled services are the little things which allow you to remain living in your home. This is when you need a little additional help with your self care or things around the house. Ameribest Home Care is able to offer these to you as well. They may include things like assisting you with your household activities, assist you with preparing your meals and will even help you go to the grocery store and run other errands. They will come in and provide companionship and conversation. Sometimes it is just nice to have someone to check on you to ensure that everything is alright. This is not always possible when families are spread out as far as they are now. A friendly telephone call or visit may be all you need. How about a medication reminder or assistance with your diabetes maintenance? All of this can be achieved if you contact Ameribest Home Care. Learn more by visiting

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