Signs Your Loved One May Need Dementia Care in Jacksonville, FL

Many elderly people suffer from some form of dementia, which involves mental confusion. The memory loss, disorientation, and possibly erratic or unpredictable behavior that often accompanies this mental confusion can put your elderly loved one at risk. As such, most people will seek some sort of specialized dementia care in Jacksonville, FL for those who suffer from the condition. The sooner you can get that care, the less risk your loved one faces.

Of course, you can’t get care until you recognize that a problem exists, and the tell-tale warning signs of dementia are often and unfortunately overlooked or written off. Knowing the warning signs of dementia and getting help for your loved one as soon as possible are the best things you can do to protect those you care about.

Memory loss may seem like par for the course for older folks, and, to some degree, it is. However, when that memory loss becomes severe and begins to interfere with the person’s quality of life, dementia or even Alzheimer’s may be present. If your loved one is forgetting to take care of basic needs, like bathing, eating, or taking medication, or is forgetting even more serious matters, like the current year or details about his or her life, it’s wise to talk with an experienced healthcare professional.

A professional can evaluate your loved one and determine whether his or her memory loss may be due to a more serious condition. In any event, a person who is having difficulty remembering to take care of himself is a person who needs specialized help.

You should also take notice if your loved one’s attention span changes. If the person you care about can no longer follow a conversation or concentrate or stay focused on a given activity or task, it may be time to seek assistance. Likewise, pay attention to any changes in communication ability. A person who has trouble verbalizing his or her needs or thoughts is a person who needs help.

Fortunately, if your loved one is experiencing dementia and dementia related problems, help is available. Contact Senior Helpers for treatment options and to learn more about how you can help your elderly friend or family member at

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