Health Tips for Children’s Yoga During Flu Season

Flu season has hit, and even though you teach children yoga, you are, of course, a little worried about your charges coming to class every day. Luckily, there are a few health tips that can keep your little charges from catching the flu during flu season. Read on below for a few of them, that you as a children’s yoga teacher can do to help.

Sanitize Everything
One of the biggest precautions you can take when teaching children yoga, during flu season is to sanitize everything. Make sure that you have plenty of Lysol on hand and sanitize every surface before and after each class. You never know when a child will sneeze spreading flu germs around the class and then your next class will come in and catch the germs that were left behind. Sanitizing everything between classes is the best way to keep your students from catching the flu when in class.

Serve Healthy Snacks
Serving healthy snacks is key to having healthy students. Make sure that you provide plenty of water, fruits, and veggies if you feed your little ones after a session. Even if you don’t provide snacks, always make sure to have plenty of cold water on hand, so they stay hydrated and flu free.

Keep Tissues and Soap
Making sure that the children in your yoga class wash their hands constantly is also a great way to ensure that flu and cold germs aren’t being spread throughout your studio. Keep plenty of tissues on hand as well, in order for them to sneeze, cough, and wipe their little noses. Tissues and soap will help to combat any germs that are flying around.

For more information on how to teach children’s yoga during flu season, contact the professionals at Kidding Around Yoga for help and answers to your questions.

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