How to create a calm space for children’s yoga at home

Children enjoy yoga just as much as adults and it’s no secret that they benefit in the same way. When you are considering practicing yoga at home, it may be helpful to have a dedicated area in the home to do so. Understanding how to create such a space can make children yoga lovers as they look forward to this special time. Below are some tips on creating a sanctuary where you and your child can enjoy this special time together.

Choose a dedicated space

One tip for creating a space is with the addition of children yoga mats. These mats make it clear that your child has a space that is set up especially for them where they can practice yoga with you. If you have not yet purchased a mat for them, consider soft blankets to use instead. This is a wonderful way to let each child know that this is a special time and place for enjoying this movement.

Create an atmosphere

Kids might be used to running around in the home and it can be difficult to consider this area as a space for a quiet movement. However one way to attune them to this wonderful time is by creating an atmosphere. Make an atmosphere for children yoga by lighting candles, setting the mood with soft music in the background, and by turning off any devices. When this type of atmosphere is created, children immediately become calmer and pay more attention to what is going on in front of them.

Making a family ritual or blessing

Since yoga is not only a physical exercise but is also a calm, meditative practice, it can benefit the family to make this a ritual. Take some time before beginning yoga to breathe deeply in and out while expressing positive thoughts, intentions, or affirmation for the session. This simple practice can make a world of difference in preparing your child for yoga at home.

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