Is Disc Regenerative Therapy In Costa Mesa, CA Right for You?

Every single day, millions of people suffer in silence with back pain. In fact, chronic back pain is one of the biggest causes of debilitating pain around the world; every year, it is one of the leading causes of work absenteeism.

Too Hard to Fix?

One of the biggest problems is that back pain is often placed in the “too hard” basket by doctors and specialists who often prescribe strong painkillers. Back surgery is also regularly done with little improvement to the pain and other symptoms. The good news is that for anyone with disc problems, disc regenerative therapy in Costa Mesa, CA might just be the answer.

What Is DRT?

Disc regenerative therapy represents a new way of dealing with certain kinds of chronic back pain. For any person who is suffering with chronic back pain caused by herniated, damaged, or deteriorating discs, disc regenerative therapy offers a promising new way of dealing with the issue.

There are two methods of approaching DRT currently:

  • Glucosamine Injection: In this method, a syringe containing a mix of saline solution and glucosamine is injected into the damaged disc in the back. This solution then encourages the growth of collagen in the disc, creating extra strength and support.
  • Stem Cells: In this method, stem cells are harvested from the patient and then injected into the disc site. The stem cells encourage the growth of new tissue in the area.

The Benefits of DRT

Places such as Aspire Pain Medical Center understand that many traditional back pain treatments are not for everyone. The fact is that surgery is risky and in many cases, a non-invasive approach is necessary and preferred. DRT represents a promising suite of non-surgical treatments that result in less pain and much better recovery times. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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