What to Expect from an Initial Visit with an Optometrist in Andover KS

One of the most important aspects of overall health is the health of a person’s eyes. Eye problems can create problems in a person’s social, personal, and professional lives. Without treatment, vision can diminish and even result in blindness. For this reason, it’s imperative for individuals to regularly visit a reputable Optometrist in Andover KS. The following details give more insight into an initial visit.

The Medical History Discussion

At the beginning of an initial visit, an Optometrist in Andover KS discusses the medical history of a patient. This is important since medical problems such as diabetes, Lyme disease, and certain types of cancer cause eye defects. An eye specialist also talks to a patient about the family history of eye problems. Doing this enables an eye care expert to form diagnoses more accurately. It’s essential to tell the eye specialists about all medications currently being taken.

The Eye Exams

Vision tests will be performed to determine the overall health of a patient’s eyes. The assessments given vary depending on the needs of the patient and office protocol. Some of these tests can include vision acuity tests, color blindness tests, and eye movement tests. Doing this lets an eye doctor understand the visual limitations a patient has. Sometimes pupils will be dilated before undergoing an eye exam.

The Comprehensive Assessment

In addition to eye exams, an eye doctor will check out the individual parts of a patients eyes. Looking for damage and defects further gives an eye specialist details that can help with vision correction. A comprehensive assessment enables an eye doctor to decide on the best course of treatment for existing eye problems such as glasses or contact lenses. It also enables a specialist to find situations that can create vision problems in the future.

By understanding the basic parts of a first-time appointment with an eye care expert, a patient can be prepared by filling out all forms correctly. A patient can also develop the right mindset to help the eye specialist conduct inquiries and relevant eye tests. This can lead to improved vision and a greater quality of life. For information on optometry services, please Visit us for more information.

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