How Is the Recovery Process for Lasik Surgery in Honolulu?

When individuals go through LASIK procedures, they need to be prepared for what to expect from the recovery process. While the recovery process is fairly easy and quick, being prepared will help to ensure it proceeds smoothly. One of the most important steps after Lasik Surgery in Honolulu is to make sure the surgeon’s instructions are followed exactly.

Tips for Recovering From LASIK

The recovery process is a fairly easy one since there is no general anesthesia and no need for stitches. The procedure only takes about ten minutes or less per eye, and the patient is sent home to recover, which only takes a few days.

Although the patient may not be able to tell, their eyes will be dryer than normal just after their LASIK procedure. It is imperative the individual uses the eye drops their doctor prescribed. Never use any other eye drops or problems could develop after the procedure. These drops help to keep the eye area lubricated properly, so that healing will take place.

After Lasik Surgery in Honolulu, the patient will likely experience mild blurriness in their eyes. This is normal and not something that should cause alarm. Over the next few days, the patient’s vision will continue improving and should be normal after about a week.

How Is the Surgery Carried Out?

LASIK procedures work to reshape the cornea, so that any vision issues can be corrected. A small flap is made, and then the inner cornea is carefully shaped using a laser. There is no need for stitches because the eye has the natural ability to close the incision and heals rapidly.

Following the instructions of the surgeon is essential for the best results. Most people can get rid of their glasses and contacts, but some people may only improve their prescription.

If you are interested in going through this procedure, call the office of Hawaii Vision Clinic. They will be happy to schedule your consultation appointment so you can learn if you are a good candidate for the procedure. With LASIK, your vision can be greatly corrected so you can see better than ever before.

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