Signs It’s Time for Dementia Nursing Care in Bluffton, SC

How do you know when it’s time for dementia nursing care in Bluffton, SC? Caregivers often struggle with this decision and it’s a difficult one to make. Each situation is unique for both the caregiver and the patient.  Here are a few signs it’s time for a long-term care plan, including dementia nursing care.

Does Your Loved One Have Mobility Issues?

Dementia patients can have extreme mobility issues, especially in the latter stages of the disease. This is not only a hazard to the patient, but also for the caregiver. Activities of daily living like dressing, toileting and bathing can become a serious risk. A facility focused on dementia nursing care in Bluffton, SC, is better equipped to safely handle these issues. They have the training, equipment and manpower to keep your loved one safe.

Does Your Loved One Wander?

Oftentimes, those suffer with dementia wander. They could easily get out of the house and the caregiver might not realize it. This could create a life-threatening situation. Wandering can also occur inside a facility, but residents often have limited space, secure outside areas and safety precautions in place. They can still move around but are heavily monitored and prevented from wandering out of the facility.

Does Your Loved One Have Escalating Health-Related Needs?

Eventually, caregivers reach the point where dementia care requires more than they can handle. Patients often have health care needs that escalate over time. This puts more stress on caregivers, who often forego their own health needs. Dementia nursing care in Bluffton, SC, can provide the 24-7 care necessary to keep the patient safe. If you notice the care needs of your loved one continue to grow, it may be time to consider a full-time care facility.

If you are considering dementia care for your loved one, visit the website to speak with a professional about your loved one’s needs.

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