Why Are Dental Implants In Keizer, OR Better?

In Oregon, dental patients seek answers about teeth replacement options each day. Their review of available products shows that while dental implants are more costly; they are more beneficial overall. Additionally, it is still possible for some patients to acquire coverage through their dental insurance policy for the implants. But, what are other reasons that make Dental Implants in Keizer OR the better choice?

What Do Implants Prevent?

Unlike devices such as dentures, the dental implants can lower the chances of bone deterioration. Most implantation surgeries, start with bone grafting of the jawbone to increase its strength. The implants are also held in place with a titanium root. This doesn’t cause rubbing of the gums or jawbones. The implants are a safer option for most patients and generally won’t lead to further damage.

They are More Natural

Dentures and bridges are created with a gum line base. The teeth are connected to this base to create the denture. The base is often made of a waxy substance. For this reason, they don’t appear natural. With dental implants, the installations are positioned and secured in the same way that natural teeth are. They have a root and are connected into the jawbone.

Eliminating Possible Embarrassment

Dentures and bridges also present the potential for embarrassing moments. Devices that aren’t installed permanently are held in place with an adhesive. Regardless of how strong the adhesive claims to be, it won’t hold the device forever. This leads to slippage and the potential for the devices to fall out of the mouth at any random moment.

Increased Functionality of the Teeth

Other devices alter the way the patient speaks. The dentures and bridges can alter the patient’s voice and in some ways make it harder to understand them. Again, since they are held in place with adhesive, they won’t provide the same strength as implants, when patients chew.

In Oregon, dental patients could benefit more greatly by choosing dental implants over other replacement choices. The devices are installed permanently and won’t fall out of place like dentures or bridges. They improve the patient’s ability to communicate and chew their food properly as well. Patients that want more details about dental implants in Keizer OR Browse Our Website right now.

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