Before You Choose a Nursing Home in Lakeland, Know the Facts

Choosing a nursing home in Lakeland is a critical decision that may not be the right decision for you or your loved one. Nursing homes have their place but they are not the ideal setting for everyone. In many cases the better option is the family home. There are studies that indicate dementia patients do better in familiar surroundings and are able to maintain their memories for longer when they are able to stay in their own home.

The Facts

The cost of a nursing home according to researchers averages about $191 per day for a semi-private room, often the costs are much higher. The cost is astronomical for most families but that is not the only fact you should be considering when you are considering a nursing home in Lakeland area:

  • Contrary to popular belief, nursing homes are not skilled nursing centers (although they can be). There is not a staff of medical professionals attending to every patient around the clock.
  • The ratio of staff to resident is typically high with 1 staff member to every 7 residents. It can be difficult to get focused help when you must wait your turn.
  • Nursing homes are constantly under scrutiny for not making the grade!

Many nursing homes offer a great quality of life to their residents but they are not skilled nursing facilities (this is a different type of setting). Which means, if you are justifying the need for medical care as the means to considering a nursing home you are going to be disappointed.

Focused Care at Home

Most elderly patients can benefit from focused care at home that allows them to stay in the home and enjoy their independence. With home health care, you or your loved one gets the one on one focused care that is hard to find in nursing homes. Comfort Keepers can help you to better understand your options!

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