Three Reasons to improve your Smile

If you have been living with a smile you are not quite satisfied with there are three reasons to speak to your dentist about the cosmetic dental treatments st. augustine, fl patients love:

1. Many Imperfections Resolved: For just about any imperfection your smile might have there is a solution to resolve it. The most common issues that can be perfected include crooked teeth, overlaps, overbites and bucked teeth, discolorations, missing teeth, chips, cracks or gaps. There are many cosmetic dental treatments from teeth whitening to veneers and bonding to crowns that can easily adjust these issues allowing you to have the smile you have always wanted. Cosmetic dental in St. Augustine FL just requires a talk with your dentist to find the right treatment to suit your needs and budget.

2. Lifestyle and Comfort: If you are finding you are embarrassed by your smile and are avoiding social engagements and maybe even missing out on opportunities in your career then why not overcome your confidence issues and become someone who is not embarrassed to smile? Cosmetic treatments can improve the look of your smile and give you the confidence you need o live a happier life. As well, you may also find it uncomfortable to chew or even are seeing further issues as a result of missing teeth. All of these challenges will affect your comfort as well as your lifestyle. Some people cannot eat the foods they love and can even see increased issues such as tooth decay due to gaps or overlaps that make brushing and flossing less effective. You can find many options that will improve the comfort of your bite as well as improve the look of your smile.

3. Great Teeth, Bad Color: You may find your teeth are actually quite straight and close to perfect except for one small detail: yellowing or stains. This can be very annoying, but luckily it is one of the easiest fixes. You can opt for teeth whitening treatments such as Zoom or in the case of severe staining you can even consider veneers or bonding. Whitening can make huge improvements even after one or two treatments and bonding is usually one quick appointment for perfect teeth.

With so many options available it just makes good sense to speak about the Dental In St. Augustine FL area patients use to keep their smiles looking beautiful.

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