Natural Wellbeing In St. Augustine Florida

On the basis that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; many people today are taking a more all embracing view over their health and fitness. Regular visits to the gym for structured fitness training; jogging or swimming on a regular basis; giving up smoking; drinking less alcohol; eating a more “sensible” diet with less “junk” food; taking vitamins and dietary supplements – all of these are now a regular part of many people’s lifestyles.

But, It Isn’t Always Enough
A healthy body may be better equipped to resist infection from whatever virus or “bug” is currently doing the rounds but you can still catch flu and may need to seek treatment for it; today’s healthier lifestyles have not made doctors and pharmaceuticals redundant. Likewise, our healthy body can still be damaged in such as a motor accident for example.

Do We Need More Than Standard Medical Science?
It is not that we have lost confidence in our doctors; it is more a growing awareness that doctors do not have a monopoly on answers to health questions and, sometimes, they might not have the correct answers. This does not mean that we are returning to the days of quack doctors; snake oil and travelling medical shows; but interest in alternate and traditional medicines is on the rise.

Take The Case Of A St. Augustine Chiropractor For Example
The chiropractic approach to health is both relatively new and anciently old. Today’s chiropractors can trace their techniques back to 1895 when a magnetic healer by the name of Palmer theorized that spinal manipulation could cure other bodily problems. His first patient suffered from loss of hearing which Palmer claimed to have cured by manipulating the patient’s spine.

Palmer’s ideas and the practices that grew out of them were not exclusively restricted to the spine and drew on many old concepts concerning the life force within our bodies and the need to have perfect balance and harmony within that force. Furthermore, imbalance in one part of the body could lead to pain or other symptoms in a totally different part of the body. Wellness treatments like medical massage, reflexology or acupuncture have long used similar thoughts.

If you visit a Chiropractor in St. Augustine area you may be seeking immediate relief for back, neck or limb pain or you could be seeking longer term advice on diet, exercise and other ways of obtaining harmony in your body. The main concept in chiropractic is to isolate the cause of a problem and cure that; rather than simply deal with the symptoms.

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