Signs That Your Pet May Need Medical Care

As much as you think you know exactly what your pet is communicating to you, the truth is, it cannot speak. Although you know when your pet is happy, playful, hungry etc, at times it is difficult for it to explain the fact that it is unwell. What your pet can’t say in words you understand, it can demonstrate through changes in behavior and show specific symptoms. It is through your awareness of Cetin symptoms that you know you must seek a South Loop animal medical care clinic.

Pay attention to your pet:

Dogs and cats do not have the ability to tell you what is wrong; it can’t say when it is feeling unwell. As the owner, it is your responsibility to pay particular attention to your pet, as you see it day in and day out you are well suited to observe any changes in their regular self; any change that does not go away within a day or so is reason enough to see the vet.

There are a few “red flags” that should cause you to see your vet:

Vomiting or diarrhea: A pet that is sick several times during any given day and appears lethargic or is not interested in food needs to visit a South Loop animal medical care clinic.

Both vomiting and diarrhea can stem from numerous causes including gastric distress or parasite infestation. Blood in the stool is cause for concern.

Lack of appetite: Pets will stop eating for many different reasons; fever, stress or pains are all common causes. If it only lasts for a day it is not a problem but any longer than that is a reason to visit your vet.

These are but two valid reasons for taking your pet to a vet, other problems that you should be aware of include urinary issues, hair loss, itchy skin as well as coughing.

It is important that you know when your pet needs South Loop animal medical care. You are invited to take your pet to Metropolitan Veterinary Center whenever it exhibits strange behavior.

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