You Need a Hospital Grade Breast Pump

A hospital grade breast pump is the way to go!  Any nursing mother with experience will tell you that the time to skimp is not on a breast pump.  Breast feeding is the best thing for baby, there is no doubt. It is well documented that breast fed babies, sleep better, have less ear infections, less food allergies and better immune systems.  It is a beautiful experience BUT it can also be a frustrating experience. In an ideal world mothers can stay at home and have no other obligation but to their child. The reality is usually if you are a mom you also have other things that you are responsible for so you cannot always be there with your baby for feeding time. The next best thing to mom’s milk delivered via the breast is mom’s milk in a bottle. A breast pump is a necessary tool for every nursing mother.

The Difference
There are many different breast pumps on the market but they absolutely vary in effectiveness.   A breast pump that is hospital grade will work quickly and efficiently so that you can pump and be done. A lesser quality breast pump will leave you frustrated and spending far more time pumping than you have planned. You will also have to deal with:

*Frequent replacements
*Break downs
*Difficult to clean

Not investing in a good pump from the start can leave you investing more money than you would have, if you would have gotten a good quality pump to begin with.  You have to ask yourself If you really want to have to deal with broken down pumps.  Hospital type pumps are made for durability and for ease of use. Anything that makes life easier when you have a baby is a good thing. Wasting time on pumps that don’t work well is just not an option.

Reducing Stress
Dealing with a malfunctioning breast pump can increase your stress level which can in fact affect your milk production. Choosing a reliable pump from the beginning will keep your stress level down and make sure your milk production is not affected.  You have a baby to care for and likely other commitments in life, don’t look at a breast pump as a luxury it is a necessity.  Invest in a great reliable breast pump and have one less thing to deal with.

A hospital grade breast pump from the Breastfeeding Shop can make life so much easier and can make breastfeeding an all-around enjoyable experience. Shop the Breastfeeding Shop today!

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