Is Running Hurting You?

Running has been the most basic way for people to lose weight since the beginning of time. It’s a simple exercise that doesn’t require any prior training or knowledge. You just put on your shoes and run for as long as you can. However, not many people realize how much damage running can do to your body if it is not done properly. Many people who are overweight are victims of knee injuries because of running and other activities. In fact most fitness trainers will not recommend that you run if you are overweight.
Instead, there are plenty of other cardio workouts that are a great substitute to running. The following are some substitutes for you to consider.

Most exercise requires some sort of exertion on your legs or hands. The pressure you create on your joints may lead to a chronic injury. Swimming is one of the few exercises that will enable you to freely exercise without creating pressure on your joints. Most doctors will recommend that people swim to create movement within their joints, if they cannot perform exercises that put pressure on their joints.
Furthermore, an hour of swimming will help increase your metabolism greatly. Besides being soft on the joints, swimming is very efficient as a cardio workout.

Interval training
When it comes to an efficient cardio workout, a whole body workout is the best. Interval training generally consists of a variety of workouts that will keep your heart rate up. The routine works out your whole body to create a higher metabolism within your body, which in turn will help you to burn more calories and fat. Although interval training can be difficult in the beginning, it will get easier as time goes on. To get started, find a gym that offers interval training in Chicago to ensure that you are exercising properly.

Spinning class
If you have not tried a spinning class you are in for a treat. Spinning class is an indoor cycling program led by a certified instructor. Spinning classes will come in different levels so you can start at a beginner level and progress to a more advanced level. On the machine itself you can control the speed and resistance. This allows you to control everything and work at your own pace, making it a very safe and effective workout. Spinning classes are very cardio intensive and will definitely put your body through a workout.

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