What You Should Consider Before Undergoing Ketamine Treatment in Phoenix

Battling depression can make you feel alone and hopeless as you struggle just to get through a basic day. The episodes can be so debilitating that just getting out of bed to take a shower can seem virtually impossible.

Thankfully, there is help available for your depression, even if you’ve tried everything else to no avail. Ketamine, in combination with other drug therapy, can be used to help you fight your depression successfully and quickly. If you want to know if ketamine is the right form of treatment for you, here are some things you should know that can help you decide.

Ketamine is Intravenous

Unlike other forms of treatment for depression, when undergoing ketamine treatment in Phoenix, you must go to the clinic and have the drug administered intravenously. While the procedure is not much different from having an IV inserted into your arm, if you are someone who absolutely hates needles, then you might be bothered by this type of treatment. However, because it is intravenous, you are able to feel the effects very quickly, but be prepared to not be able to drive yourself home afterward.

When All Else Fails

Due to the intense nature of the treatment and all that it entails, ketamine should only be an option for you if you have tried other treatments without any success. Ketamine is not a stand-alone solution and must be used in conjunction with other drug therapy in order for you to see the full benefits.

If you have been battling depression for some time, then you might be able to benefit from undergoing ketamine treatment in Phoenix. For the best results when treating depression, it important that you not only treat the symptoms but that you also get to the root of your depression as well.

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