Typical Services Available at Eye Care Centers in Brookline, MA

When visiting an eye care center in Brookline, MA, the number of available services may not be readily apparent. Most eye care centers in the area do far more than simply offer eyeglasses to customers. The following three additional benefits are typically available at eye care centers in addition to prescription glasses.

Eyeglass Repair

Whether it is a scratch in the lens or part of the frame breaking, eyeglasses that need to be repaired can be detrimental to a person’s vision. While many jewelry stores or specialty shops will fix eyeglasses, these types of shops often charge higher prices. Eye care centers in Brookline, MA, will often be a much more affordable option.

Designer Prescription Sunglasses or Swimming Goggles

When some people think of sun wear and protecting their glasses, they think of clip-on attachments that slide over the top of their prescription eyeglasses. But modern eye care centers offer prescription sunglasses from designer labels. For those who enjoy fun in the water, prescription swimming goggles can also be obtained at many eye care centers.

Eye Health

The need for prescription sunglasses is not the only health care concern that someone should have when they visit an eye care center. Diseases of the eye include glaucoma and cataracts. These can cause a decrease in the ability to see clearly and can be easily tested for at a local eye center.

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