What To Expect Before And During A Couples Massage New York

Couples massage offers one of the most memorable and delightful spa experiences. We only live once, right? So, you’ve decided you want a relaxing and memorable experience with your loved one through attending quality couples massage New York. To ease the tension and questions, we will highlight what to expect at a couples massage session.

What is it?

As the term suggests, couples massage is an arrangement where you and your spouse or friend enjoy a massage independently but next to each other in a private room. You will have two masseuses for each of you. The massage therapy sessions could be accompanied by soothing music, candle lighting, or aromatherapy, depending on your tastes and preferences.


You will have an initial consultation with the lead therapist in charge of your couples massage New York. The therapist will take down your session goals and respond to any of your concerns and questions. You could have different goals as a couple.

What’s the average time per session?

There are various packages as every couple goes into the Blossom Spa – New York

with different goals, budgets, and desires. Mostly, you will have a shower, body scrub, and the massages follow. During your consultation with the massage therapist, you will be guided and advised on the best pick.

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