Everything You Need to Know About Getting Non-Invasive Fat Removal

If you have been struggling with dieting and exercising to reduce unwanted areas of fat to no avail, then non-invasive fat removal may be the best solution for you. Professional non-invasive fat removal is highly effective at removing pockets of unwanted fat on nearly every part of the body.

Areas of the body that can be improved with non-invasive fat removal include:

– Chin

– Neck

– Back

– Upper arms

– Belly

– Flanks (love handles)

– Thighs

– Knees

– Calves

Without making any incision, non-invasive fat removal is the ideal means to improve your body’s contour, with little to no downtime and without any scars.

How Does It Work?

Non-invasive (nonsurgical) fat removal procedures are used on specific areas of the body to break down fat cells, with the goal of reducing subcutaneous pockets of fat. With a few FDA-approved treatments to choose from, fat deposits beneath the skin can be safely removed without surgery or any downtime, with each treatment achieving gradual to modest fat loss.

The benefits of non-invasive fat removal include :

– No incisions or scarring

– Little of no downtime after treatments

– No general anesthesia

– Results last as long as weight is maintained

– Gradual results, patients can be discreet about treatments

If you have areas of your body where fat won’t budge, no matter how much dieting and exercising you do, then DSC Laser & Skin Care Center – specialists in non-invasive fat removal in Los Angeles, CA – can help. DSC Laser & Skin Care Center has helped many clients in Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley to achieve and exceed their goals of maintaining a perfect appearance. Using state-of-the art technologies and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, their dermatologists can safely and permanently remove unwanted fat from the body, without making an incision. When you’re looking for non-invasive fat removal in Los Angeles, CA, contact DSC Laser & Skin Care Center at DSCBeauty.com.

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