What is Eyelid Surgery in CT?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your upper or lower eyelids, you might be curious about Eyelid Surgery in CT. This type of surgery is also frequently referred to as an eye lift, or is officially called blepharoplasty. The primary reason that people elect to have this surgery is that they want to achieve a better appearance, although there can also be physical benefits. For example, some people have such severe sagging in the upper eyelids that it can impair vision. An eye lift can correct this problem while improving cosmetic appearance at the same time.

The main goal of Eyelid Surgery in CT is to help reverse the loss of elasticity in the eye area that comes with aging. When the skin becomes less elastic, it starts to sag. When combined with the natural force of gravity, eventually extra eyelid skin will bunch up around both the upper and lower eyelid area. The average eyelid surgery patient is 35 years old or older, however younger patients may also benefit from this surgery if they have premature loss of skin elasticity or genetic issues that cause the extra eyelid skin to be an issue.

Most eyelid surgeries done today are performed on the upper eyelid. This surgery result will usually last for a minimum of five years and can last as long as seven years. Lower eyelid surgery is typically longer lasting, and in fact it will usually not need to be performed again during the patient’s lifetime. Some patients have both the upper and the lower eyelids done at the same time in an effort to dramatically improve the total appearance of their eye area.

When done properly, eyelid surgery can leave you with a rested look that may reflect your appearance from years ago. If you have problems like persistent bags under your eyes that make you look tired and old, you might be amazed at what a chance this surgery can make in your overall facial appearance. If you want to learn more about eyelid surgery and other elective cosmetic surgery procedures, you can Check Out Martincosmeticsurgery.com.

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