Getting To Know More About Assisted Living in Southington CT

Are you the adult child of a parent who is elderly? As an adult, it can be hard to watch your parents struggle with their day to day lives. Many adult children have careers and families of their own to tend to. If it’s becoming harder and harder for you to care for your parents, it might be time to invest in Assisted Living in Southington CT. The following are a few things you should know about this kind of living option.

First of all, adult children shouldn’t feel bad about needing help with their elderly parents. You likely work 40 or more hours a week and have a full schedule to tend to. Assisted living is a way to give your parents their independence while also giving them the care that they need.

You shouldn’t confuse Assisted Living in Southington CT with a nursing home. Nursing homes are facilities designed to house individuals who need constant medical and professional care. Assisted living programs are for those individuals who are fairly independent and healthy. In fact, these communities encourage their residents to get out and live their normal lives.

An assisted living program is simply a way for your parents to get the assistance they need while living out their senior years. Every individual will have access to their own living space where they can relax, eat, and sleep. The assisted living staff will provide residents with housekeeping, meals, medication, and whatever else they need. These communities may also provide laundry service, transportation, visits from a personal physician, and much more.

If you’re concerned about the price of these communities, then don’t be. The cost to live in such a community is relatively affordable and will likely equal to the cost of living in a modest apartment. While certain services are included in the costs, you may need to pay extra for certain special amenities.

Visit Shady Oaks Assisted Living and talk with some of the staff members. There you’ll find out more information about the services they provide and any special offers as well. Again, an assisted living community is not a nursing home. These communities provide a way for the elderly to stay independent while getting the care they need.

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