Stomach Discomfort Can Be Something More Serious Than You Think

The SIBO natural treatment method is the best way to leave a life of discomfort and possible health issues. The method encourages those struggling with stomach and intestinal issues to make both dietary changes and use supplements to ensure that results last. No more struggling with discomfort and embarrassment.

The Boomerang Method of Eating

SIBO natural treatments ask that you cut out certain foods that are possibly irritants. This will allow the inflammation in your digestive system to calm, and it also helps absorption patterns in the small intestine to normalize. At the end of your treatment, you will be able to reintroduce foods back into your daily diet.

Supplements for Continued Health

The supplements that are prescribed during the treatment help you to stay healthy while you are restricting your diet, and they also help to restore the vital enzymes needed to allow your system to heal. These enzymes help to curb the activity of the bacteria that are causing you discomfort.

Creating an Environment for Good Bacteria

The changes in diet and the supplements will have created an environment where the bad bacteria can no longer dominate. To help the bacteria exit the body smoothly and effectively, prokinetics are recommended. This expulsion process will make sure that the bacteria in your small intestine are completely evacuated creating an environment for a clean start.

At the final stages of your treatment, you will take probiotics and slowly start to reintroduce foods into your diet. Though you can slowly return to eating normally, it is encouraged that some of the new eating habits from the restriction period informs your new diet. Some foods will tend to create the same environments if overconsumed. A way to prevent a relapse of the symptoms is to consistently take supplements to keep the bacteria in check.
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