Benefits of Compression Garments and Compression Stockings Gloves in Las Vegas

Human bodies are made up of numerous cells, tissues, organs and systems. Each one has a specific, vital function and works in tandem with the next to help maintain health. While each component of the body is essential to proper functionality, one of the most crucial is arguably the circulatory system. Its task is to keep blood flowing to all those other tissues. In turn, this ensures they’re all properly oxygenated and receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy. For countless people, compression stockings are the key to promoting adequate circulation.

Benefits of Compression Stockings

Compression stockings come in numerous forms, including versions covering the feet and calves, those encompassing the entire leg and options meant for use over the calves alone. They typically feature graduated pressure, providing greater compression at the feet and ankles that gradually lessens as they move upward. They can be highly beneficial for a wide range of medical conditions, and Compression Stockings Gloves in Las Vegas help ensure they’re donned properly and remain in optimum condition.

  • Improved Blood Flow:
  • By creating pressure on the lower body, compression stockings promote better circulation. Blood is pumped throughout the body by the heart. Oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood flows downward, delivering oxygen and nutrients while collecting waste products. From there, it’s pumped back up to the heart to rid itself of waste and be filtered back through the body. This is a continuous cycle. If blood can’t be pumped back to the heart, it can’t do its job adequately.
  • Reduced Pain and Discomfort:
  • Medical conditions like lymphedema, varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency can be not only dangerous, but painful. Compression garments lower the amount of pressure in the legs and feet caused by these conditions, thereby reducing pain, discomfort and the heavy feeling often accompanying them. They can also help prevent blood clots in certain situations.
  • Post-Surgical Healing:
  • Compression garments and Compression Stockings Gloves in Las Vegas promote healing after surgical procedures on the legs and feet. They boost circulation to help tissue recover and reduce swelling and bruising.

Compression stockings are beneficial for a number of medical conditions as long as they’re applied correctly. Donning gloves help make putting them on easier for patients and reduce the chances of tearing or puncturing them. Contact Las Vegas Medical Store to learn more.

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