Sports Massage Can Enhance your Performance and Keep You Active

It just takes a look at the sidelines of any game to see that massage therapists play a role in keeping athletes performing to the best of their abilities. From Olympic teams to all pro football and gymnasts to runners, sports massage therapy aids in improving performance as well as assisting in keeping muscles toned to avoid injury. Whether you are active or participate in sports there are many benefits to seeing a massage therapist to help keep you in perfect condition.

Why the Pros Use Massage
During any major sports competition massage therapists remain the number one therapist to assist athletes who may be injured during the game. According to a study by Galloway, S.D., Watt, J.M. (2004) they found that between 1987 and 1998 massage therapy was used from 24 to 52.2 percent at both pro and collegiate events. The median was 45.2 percent and was even the preferred treatment applied by physiotherapists. Further studies have shown it is the number one treatment preferred at collegiate events as well.

Benefits of Sports Massage
Knowing that most athletic teams and organizations have a massage therapist working for their team is a pretty good indication of how important massage is to those who are active. Staying active can be difficult if you suffer from an injury and can often be the downfall for active people who never completely recover. If you love being active, run in marathons, are a weekend warrior or just love to walk, sports massage can provide many benefits to keep you active including:

* Reduced muscle tension
* Improved overall function
* Improved range of motion
* Decreased fatigue and muscle stiffness after activity
* Decreased muscle soreness
* Improved performance
* Prevents sports injuries
* Improved sleep
* Speeds up scar tissue healing following injury

Many parents have their kids in sports. Those in high school who are hopeful about getting a sport scholarship need to remain in the game. Kids and teens can benefit from sports massage and remain more agile and flexible with regular appointments even just once per week.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, love to run or have kids who are up for a sports scholarship, sports massage will help keep you active and continue to meet your personal goals.

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