Signs You Need to Call the Dental Office in Kona for Treatment

Outside of preventative care appointments, there are conditions that can cause you to need to call the Dental Office in Kona. When certain conditions or symptoms arise, it is important you see the dentist as soon as possible so you do not experience major oral health concerns. Through this information, you will learn what signs you need to look for so you can be prepared for when to get the dentist involved.

1. Though tooth pain can sometimes come on for no apparent reason, severe and ongoing tooth pain should never be ignored. Tooth pain can sometimes be caused by cavities or infection. Both of these can cause major problems with your oral health. If your pain goes on for more than a day or two or seems to grow worse, you need to call the Dental Office in Kona and schedule an appointment so the cause can be found. This will allow the dentist to properly treat your condition so the pain is brought under control.

2. If you experience an injury to your tooth, an immediate call to the Dental Office in Kona is warranted. Injuries can cause your tooth to become damaged to the point it dies. If you experience damage, your dentist may be able to repair the damage. If your tooth is not repairable, the dentist can extract the tooth and offer you options for replacement.

3. If your gums are bright red, swollen and draining pus, you could have a gum infection. You should never overlook the signs of infection, because these conditions can become serious very quickly. An infection can spread to your teeth and to your heart. If left untreated, you could lose your teeth. The sooner you see the dentist, the better the chances of your infection being properly cleared.

If you have any of these signs of problems, it is important you contact your dentist right away. Waiting to receive dental care could result in major problems that become more difficult to treat. If you are in need of dental care, contact the office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. Through their dental services, your smile will be protected. Browse website for more information.



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