Seven Things Needed for Baby’s First Visit to Pediatrician in Summerville SC

When preparing for your baby’s first doctor appointment, a list should be made of the things you need to bring with you to ensure there is nothing forgotten. Their pediatrician in Summerville SC will expect to see them in one to two days following their return from the hospital.

To help your first visit go smoothly, here are a few things you want to take with you:

1. Insurance Information

Bring your insurance card with you; it is too soon to have your baby’s insurance card. Prior to the appointment with your pediatrician in Summerville SC, contact the insurance company to add your baby to the policy.

2. Advance Paperwork

The Majority of doctor’s offices supply paperwork, such as registration forms, consent forms, family medical history information, and birth information prior to your appointment. If filled out, bring with you. If these papers are not filled out, arrive early for the appointment to do so. Be sure to bring all discharge papers as well.

3. List of Baby’s Feeding, Stools, and Voiding

Many new mothers find it helpful to keep a list or chart of these actions of their baby at least for the first week. If you have no list, do not worry. Just be prepared to answer questions from your pediatrician in Summerville SC, such as how many stools and wet diapers in last 24 hours? What color stool? How often does your baby feed? If nursing, how long do they take?

4. Diaper Bag

In a diaper bag, pack several diapers and wipes. Be sure to place a change of clothes in the bag also. Be prepared for your baby to christen the exam table, and possibly doctor and nurse as well. If you happen to run out of diapers or wipes, your doctor’s office will have some.

5. Baby Blanket

An exam table at a doctor’s office tends to be cold and have a crackly noise, which your baby will not like. Rather than your baby lying directly on paper, lay a blanket down first.

6. Pacifier if Used

If your baby uses a pacifier, it can help them feel more comfortable while at their pediatrician in Summerville SC. Their doctor would be able to perform a more thorough exam while a baby remains quiet and comfortable.

7. Question List

Be sure to write down any questions you want to ask because it is easy to forget them.
Pack up your supplies the night before, and try to enjoy the time out with your new one.

If you would like more information, contact Palmetto Pediatrics, or call us today at 843-797-5600.

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