Post-Menopause Weight Loss Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

As women get older, they may find it tough to stay at their current size or shed a few pounds. They may start to work out more, eat less, and still gain pounds or stay at their current levels. The constant struggle is real, and most women worry that post-menopause weight gain is inevitable. Likewise, loss of weight can be just as tough, but there are options available.

Tried And True Methods

Of course, the ultimate goal is to shed those pounds, feel better, and more confident. The tried and true methods of working out and eating right top that list as the best way to go about it. For example, eat more vegetables and fruits, limit the amount of cheese/dairy and meat, and cut back on sugar, both in sodas and in treats/desserts. You may also find that eating fewer processed foods may help.

What If It Doesn’t?

You should never cut out whole food groups or even cut out sweets altogether. When you crave it or want it and don’t allow yourself to have any, you risk bingeing. Stick to eating healthy all day and allowing yourself a special treat at night. Likewise, you can choose to drink water throughout the day, sprinkling in some green or black tea with lemon. At the end of the evening (or during a meal), choose a soda that you love.

If these options don’t still have the scale rising, it still may not be your fault. Post-menopause weight loss is difficult, though not impossible. You may need some extra guidance or may require medical treatments, such as fat-burning injections and medications that can speed up your metabolism and decrease appetite.

Likewise, you may need to use a nutritionist to help you determine how much protein, carbs, and other things you need in your diet every day.

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