Lose Weight at a Weight Management Clinic in Brimingham, AL

Science tells us that it’s not just an excess of calories that causes weight gain. Stress plays a role. This is due to the amount of cortisol that floods the body when it’s under stress.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to reduce the cortisol in your body. Doing so allows you to maximize the benefits you’re getting from your program at the Weight to Wellness weight management clinic in Birmingham, AL.


Exercise has numerous benefits. It burns calories, helps to tone you up and allows your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. It has also been shown that moderate amounts of exercise, about 40% to 60% of maximum capacity, helps to lower cortisol levels.

Pets and Relationships

The quality of your human and pet relationships can have a positive effect on your weight loss efforts. People who have satisfying relationships tend to have lower cortisol levels. The same goes for people who love to hang out with their dogs.

Typically, if life has taken a stressful turn, it’s our relationships that suffer: We just don’t make the time to connect. However, this is counterproductive. It’s during stressful times that we need this the most.

The Right Diet

Taking in sugar on the regular will make your cortisol levels peak. So will dehydration. That’s why it’s not just calories that play a critical role in weight loss: It’s taking in the right kind of calories and the right amount of liquids. If you’re not sure you’re consuming the right kind of calories, talk to a counselor at Weigh To Wellness our weight management clinic in Birmingham, AL, for advice.

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