Natural Ways to Relieve Back Pain in Conroe TX

Back pain is a common reason why people visit the doctor. The spine gives support to the entire body allowing it to twist and bend. One typical back injury is a muscle spasm. A muscle spasm causes the spine to lock which leads to serious pain. A spasm can occur form a simple movement like tying a shoe. Though you can treat back pain in Conroe TX with medication, natural remedies are better options.

Apply a heating pad for twenty to thirty minutes. There are many benefits to heat therapy. Heat soothes sore muscles caused by spasms and stimulates sensory receptors on the skin. Heat therapy stretch the soft tissues near the spine including Be careful not to leave the heating pad on any longer than recommended since it can burn the skin.

Try an ice massage. An ice pack lessens swelling and the risk on internal bruising. You can wrap some ice cubes in a towel or use a prepared ice pack. Ice packs may be stored in the freezer for future use. Another option is a paper cup pack. Fill a plastic or Styrofoam cup with water and freeze. Massage the painful areas in a circular motion for several minutes avoiding bones. If you choose prepared ice packs, be careful not to let it tear because the gel can leak on the skin.

Exercise is another effective back pain remedy. You may have been told bed rest can cure back pain, but the opposite is true. Research shows bed rest does not help back pain. Walking is an excellent low-impact exercise to strengthen the back. You also need to keep the back muscle flexible with stretching exercises. The forward bend stretches the hamstrings. Poor flexibility in the hamstrings contributes to back pain. Stand comfortably with your feet shoulder width apart. Attempt to touch your toes while keeping the knees straight. Hold for several seconds. Do not bounce.

The best way to stop back pain in Conroe TX is preventive measures. When you lift heavy object, bend from the knees. Keep your back straight while standing or sitting. These remedies should help relieve moderate back pain. Seek medical attention for serious cases of pain. Only a doctor can make a correct diagnosis. Willis Spine can help make you feel better.



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